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Equipment in a Interior Photographers Bag


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There is a lot of Equipment in a Interior Photographers Bag such as strobes and filters.  The one piece of kit that I use and find invaluable is that of a title shift lens such as the Canon Uk lens pictured above.  To the casual observer this lens looks broken.  But to the skilled interior photographer such as myself, it is a lens that does the seemingly impossible.

There are so many factors when you are trying to frame a image to make a room looks its best. However; rooms have a way of making your job difficult with all its weird angles, impossible spaces and reflective surfaces.  I use every bit of kit to try to overcome these obstacles, but there are times when I need to have things look as normal as possible and not have converging lines and plates that look like they are falling out of the frame. This is because I might have to shoot very close to the subject due to room size constraints.

This is where this lens helps. Its allows me to move the lens and not the room. This minimises those weird angles and converging lines.  It also comes in handy if I want to shoot a mirror or other reflective surface and not have the camera appear in the image. Now some people might argue that you can fix theses things in photoshop.  Perhaps, but I am from the school of thought that a professional interior photographer will get the image right in the camera from the start.  When your working with huge volumes of client images as I am, you do not have time to play about correcting  your lines in every image.  I promise fast turnarounds with my clients and thats what they get.

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