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Property photographer in London


Property photographer in London

London Property Living room


I visit  a lot of properties in my line of work. A a property photographer in London and the south of the UK, I photograph some pretty amazing property.  When I was young I used to spend my time looking at various lifestyle magazines such as House to Home and loved the way some rooms and property looked, most of it in London.  Sure I have photographed properties in other major cities, but there is something about London that I would say is my favourite.

Its the different style of buildings that can be found here.  From Victorian to Georgian and modern architecture. Each architect and designer must come up with something that was and is sympathetic to the actual original building, be it because of bi-laws or a need for harmony.

One of the things that I love about the older building is the light that has always been important.  Big windows, french doors, no bulky curtains to cut out the light. And being a photographer, I am always a fan of and looking out for light. Not only does it make my job a bit easier, but I feel it effects me in my mind.  It just opens the room up, giving me a chance to explore it through my viewfinder.  By allowing me to use my strobes as fill, it allows a more pleasing balance of light as well.

I love the way that natural light draws your eye through the photograph of the interior. Its not insist, rather it invites you to scan the room and space at your leisure.  The photograph above is such a example.  There is no job in the world I would rather be doing.

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